SecureKey is taking a collaborative community-building approach to partnering with technology partners such as IAM providers, consultants, and system integrators.

Building an Identity Ecosystem

Technology providers offer complementary services that integrate with SecureKey Concierge. Providers of Identity and Access Management services, customer portals and SaaS offerings can integrate with SecureKey to bring more personalized solutions to customers.

Consulting partners help their clients drive deeper customer engagements while offering improved privacy and security controls for the end consumer.

Benefits to Technology Providers

  • Expand customer access to federated identity services with strong privacy controls.
  • Simplify access to trusted credentials via SecureKey Concierge Identity Partners.
  • Pre-integrate with SecureKey Concierge to streamline deployment and accelerate time-to-market.
  • Differentiate your platform with an innovative feature for customers seeking to leverage external federated identities.

Benefits to Consultants and System Integrators

  • Enable clients to allow their customers to bring their own identity to digital services.
  • Create more secure interactions for consumers.
  • Develop joint business opportunities with SecureKey or provide implementation guidance based on best practices.