Our customers are online service providers in the health care, financial services, state/local government, and other markets where reliable, high-assurance and high-reliability services are required. SecureKey provides an efficient way for customers to enroll new online users via third-party trusted credentials they already have. SecureKey has a proven track record with customers such as the Government of Canada, USPS, and GSA.

Services for Online Service Providers

Federated Authentication Service

Enables consumers to access online services using their credential of choice from an Identity Partner that is part of the SecureKey Concierge Service. The service includes a privacy guard that ensures consumer online activity is not known to the Identity Partner nor retained in any way within the service, and that blinds the online service provider from the consumer’s personal information. The service supports a range of credentials, from low assurance social IDs to higher assurance IDs issued by trusted Identity Partners, for risk-appropriate authentication based on the customer’s online application requirements.

Identity Verification Service

A transaction-based service for online service providers to verify user identity data, such as social security number, date of birth, age, zip code and other information bound to a user’s credential. A “tokenization” process maintains the privacy of the consumer’s data, and consumer consent is always required at initiation of the identity verification process. This service is also offered as a bundled subscription package with the Federated Authentication Service.

Online Service Provider Benefits

  • Reduces cost of credential and identity life-cycle management.
  • Increases success rates for new account openings.
  • Reduces dependency on knowledge-based authentication (KBA).
  • Provides low-friction ID proofing bound to the consumer’s credential of choice.
  • Reduces liability and reputation risk associated with data breach.
  • Enables our customers to introduce new high-value services.
  • Delivers consumer privacy as a core service feature.
  • Protects consumers against fraud and identity theft.