SecureKey is engaging with Identity Partners to expand the depth and breadth of the SecureKey Concierge Service.

Our Identity Partners

  • Identity Provider (IdP): Supply both credentials and verified ID attributes via a single integration to the SecureKey Concierge Service.
  • Credential Provider (CP): Supply credentials for federated authentication services.
  • Attribute Provider (AP): Supply ID attributes or verification of ID attribute


  • Monetize current/future credentials and identity services.
  • Participate efficiently in an “integrate once” networked service.
  • Extend brand recognition within consumer-facing services.
  • Increase end user retention and stickiness.
  • Facilitate new online service applications built on strong identity.

Partner With Us

SecureKey also offers developer tools in the form of dynamic, device-anchored multi-factor authentication for Identity Partners to enhance their existing credentials and help meet NIST Level of Assurance 3 (LOA 3) requirements.